All About Tablecloths

An oil tablecloth is a cotton woven tablecloth that has been treated with linseed oil. The popularity of these cloths has been on an upward trajectory over the last few years given the variety of benefits that accrue from their use. We explore these benefits compared to the use of other types of tablecloths in your home.

Extra information about oil tablecloth

Better drape

Oil tablecloths are usually less stiff compared to their PVC counterparts. They therefore drape better on tables of all shapes and sizes. With a better drape and less stiffness, there will be less accidents around the tables. In addition to this, the better drape enables you to achieve a stylish and trendy house and still protect your tables from excessive heat and cold.

Available in a variety of colours

A major concern for most home owners is getting tablecloths that will match with the rest of the decor or the general theme in the house. These tablecloths are available in a variety of colours and prints to suit individuals with different tastes and preferences. You can even purchase them in different colours and print to suit different occasions and circumstances.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

Tables come in different shapes and sizes and so do these tablecloths. This ensures that they fit perfectly on the intended tables and therefore achieve a better look. Remember that the tablecloths can also be made to measure in order to fit perfectly on tables that may not fall under the standard category by either being smaller or larger than usual.

Waterproof table cloths

An oil tablecloth is waterproof due to the fact that they are covered with polyvinyl chloride. This makes the tablecloths easy to maintain especially when there are children, persons living with disability or the elderly who are prone to accidental spills now and then. Given that they are waterproof, they are easier to clean since dirt, grease and dust can easily be wiped off with a clean cloth.


The tablecloths are made from cotton, one of the most durable materials. Cotton does not tear easily and can withstand harsh treatment over time. This means that over time, your family will spend less money on replacing tablecloths unless there other reasons for the replacement such as to get a trendier set of cloths for your tables.

Better dining experience

The good thing with oil coated tablecloths is that they are soft to touch. This is important in giving your family and friends a great dining experience. Rough tablecloths can be a cause of injuries to hands and arms if not handled well. A better dining experience translates into a happier family and home.

Environmental friendly

Cotton is a biodegradable substance unlike PVC that takes a long period of time to decompose. Therefore, it is ideal for home owners who are concerned about the environmental friendliness s of their homes.

The benefits of using oil tablecloths make them ideal for use both in indoors and outdoor settings. They can also be used in restaurants, hotels and fast food joints with a high level of traffic given the ease of cleaning, their durability as well as availability in different colours, prints, shapes and sizes.